GPG Key Transition

Written on 17 August 2014, 2 min read.

Firstly, thanks to all who responded to my previous rant. It turns out exactly what I wanted does exist in the form of a ID-000 format smartcard combined with a USB reader. Perfect. No idea why I couldn’t find that on my own prior to ranting, but very happy to have found it now.

Secondly, now that I’ve got my keys and management practices in order, it is time to begin transitioning to my new key.

Click this link to find the properly signed, full transition statement.

I’m not going to paste the full statement into this post, but my new key is:

If you signed my old key, I’d very much appreciate a signature on my new key, details and instructions in the transition statement. I’m happy to reciprocate if you have a similarly signed transition statement to present.


Comment by aL on 2014-08-20 01:31:48 +1200

I looked at the web of the ID-000 format smartcard, but couldnt figure out how it works

Are you supposed to hold on your house a key generator (id0) that can generate usb sticks for your everyday use… or… Im too interested


Comment by Matt Brown on 2014-08-20 15:31:29 +1200

are the two components I purchased. Snap out the ID-000 format card, insert it into the USB reader, put the case on, voila. you’re done.

Comment by Steve on 2014-08-22 13:38:15 +1200

Are you aware of any shops selling the cards & reader (ideally the K50/USB Shell Token v3 rather than the K30/USB Shell Token v2) with non-exorbitant shipping to the US?

Comment by Matt Brown on 2014-08-22 13:40:23 +1200

I’ve never looked into shipping to the US sorry. Cryptoshop linked in the previous comment is actually the only place I’ve seen this combo sold myself. They have both the K30 and the K50.

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